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Space Saver Folding Doors

Marley Folding Doors a true Multi-Tasker!

  • Space Maker: The Marley folding door makes the pivoting range disappear!
  • Tailor-made: Marley folding doors are flexible in height and width
  • Choose: Designs, decoration and glass inlays to fit with many different interior designs!
  • Everything available: Various folding door designs to meet different wishes in terms of price, accessories and application
  • High-performance: high-quality materials and sophisticated engineering
  • Stable: double-walled panel sections
  • Flawless: Long-life and noiseless folding mechanisms
  • Reassuring: More than 45 years of experience in the development and production of Folding Doors
  • Super Appearance: Marley Folding Doors incorporate only the highest quality surface finishing processes for the typical authentic characteristics and long-lasting brilliant colour
  • Simple installation: Marley Folding Doors are easily installed into door openings, with or without frame, utilizing the accompanying instructions